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    Questions, and Requests...

    Accha, here are my questions:

    1) Why is no1 modding the Music forums?
    2) Howcome there are so many ****in users with cakes and shit? Plus, why has customizing your nickname suddenly become a rage?
    3) Where the **** is Neo, and the old gang? shs, dmf, atul, wiz, ???
    4) Who are the current mods?

    1) Please clean up music talk
    2) Again, I demand a ****in forum where we can discuss the Indian scene, no matter what the cost is... just a nice little forum for that...
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    hobs crk
    1) There is no one qualified and willing to do the job. (Yes, I realize the demands aren't high)

    2) Gifts have replaced rep points. The more gifts you have, the more popular you are...

    3) Neo is dead. Check the CC lounge thread for details. shs is here and has pink font. dmf posts sometimes. atul posts to turn down his nose at the CC lounge and sometimes in the music related topics. wiz is alive and well and posting.

    4) We have no mods. We have a forum leader or two with reasonably limited powers who are in charge of certain forums. Picking forum leaders is apparently too intricate a task to be completed in just a year (come to think of it, I like it that way rather than the other extreme).
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