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    Jun 2004

    Red face One question Neo...

    hey neo wen will i cum outta this probation thingie?!?!im sick of it
    im an angel now... aint i? plz have a poll or sumfin and lets see who wants me

    dood ka dood aur paani ka paani ho jaaye!

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    lord_neo Guest
    You are not in a popularity contest, you are on probabtion. You will come out of it, when we think its time for you to.

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    Reem is offline Banned
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    Aug 2004
    be kind Leo.. give her another chance.. she is a nice girl...

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    lord_neo Guest
    Reem, thank you for your concern...this is not a public issue let us handle it.

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    Reem is offline Banned
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    Aug 2004
    sorry.. :(

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    lord_neo Guest
    Thread closed!



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