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    Message for igt Admin

    i m requesting to stick up the adds on some other place of the page of igt because when we r trying to open the main links up here on igt like "store" "faq" "search" so there links is behind that add and we can not click on that so with alot of respect i m requesting to stick that some where else on page
    thank you
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    what sort of ads are these? i cant see anything except a hollow rectangle with a "click here to get the plug in" logo !!

    have you used google ads to rope in the sponsors/advertisers - or is it some other method ??

    a look like the one this has, isnt a problem - cos the ads are located down below and in other not so important locations of the screen.

    btw isnt this thread in the wrong forum ?
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    lord_neo Guest
    Hi ENT, we know about this and are working on a solution. Please be patient.

    Jamhead@ These are flash ads please click on the link to download the flash plugin will take about a minute to download, ad is pretty cool check it out!



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