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    Venus is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Jul 2004

    Log-out problems

    i cant seem to log out, it keeps on saying i have log-out probs and when i log out, it shows im still on IGT whereas im not. i checked the thread before and u guys mentioned delete cookies so i did, but still have this prob and cant log out. Any ideas???????? or am i going to be a permanent fixture on igt??????

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    lord_neo Guest
    Is the problem still continuing? Seems like IGT doesnt want to see you leave, Venus.

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    Venus is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2004
    ^lol, nah its ok now, seems like it needed to be left alone for a while!!!!!!!!!

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    daffodil's Avatar
    daffodil is offline bright little flower
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    Feb 2005
    i m also having same problems .....
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    bob-bobby's Avatar
    bob-bobby is offline Extinct or Banned!
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    Mar 2004
    lagos, nigeria, west africa
    perhaps , its ur turn now , IGt left venus and ur next now ...
    Moderator - IGT .
    ( Still a Sweetheart ) ...



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