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    Lightbulb Live CHATROOM in IGT !!!!!!

    Dont You GUys Think That We All Need a Live Chat Room onn IGT??? Kummon technical support add a little more life to IGT by adding a live chat room for each forum.How Many P' PUL with me?
    Ruk Kyun Gaye? Bajaao!

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    my chair
    it takes loads of bandwidth
    igt flash chat

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    i had posted the same thread in feedback forum...
    Na jaane koi;Kaisi hai ye zindagaani;
    Humari adhoori kahaniii................

    They say true love is just round the corner......... I must be walking in circles.

    A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    I guess its the bandwith: usefulness ratio. Here you have a ratio of infinity: 0.



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