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    abhishekup123 is offline Newbie
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    May 2005

    Arrow Is Indianguitartabs Legal????

    i recently came across this article:--

    guys plz tell me whether running sites like INDIANGUITARTABS legal???
    m i using a safe site???
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    Sep 2005
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    ok let me tell u some facts

    IGT is registered site

    ie it is legal

    well thats what neo said (am i right??)

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    Thread moved to Feedback forum, i'll let the admin answer this question.
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    Its legal and plus what are you scared of? The police won't hunt you down anyways.

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    ya..u r PLAYIN SAFE..hehe..its a damn good site man..wer did u pop up this thing from?????
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    lord_neo Guest
    We are not a U.S guitar tabs site. All english songs tabs are submitted by users. We are primarly a "Indian" Guitar Tabs site.



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