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    Dec 2006

    How to search for a particular song?

    Well, I just want to know that what is the actual method of searching in these forums, like I was searching for the song teri dewani by kailash kher, and I typed different key words like ,teri dewani,kailash kher chords, teri dewani by kailash kher.... but the problem is I get 10 other songs which I have not searched for...please let me know how do I get the song... just take a look by searching teri dewani you will get 17 pages of result while there will be no teri dewani chords..please help me out... and yea, I cant right click on this site :(

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    drunkpunk is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2006
    but can I have the answer of my question?

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    Smile Goggle is best for that.

    Yeah i agree that google is best if you wanna search any'll give you the exact location of the page where the song is in IGT...
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    Mar 2007
    use advanced search option,
    for songs like teri deewani serch only in 'hindi tabs submit req 'forum
    write "teri deewani" in double inv. commas
    it will search for the whole word as it is.
    if u write without inverted commas, it will search for teri as well as deewani together and seprately.

    choose the option search titles only. as the name of the song is written in the title of the thread.
    and type "teri deewani"+chords

    u'll get what ur searching for.
    u will also get other results, but don't mind them.

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    Mar 2007
    here r chords of teri deewani from kailash kher... enjoy

    ^chords of teri deewani

    and search result for "teri deewani"+chords

    right clicking is not enabled on this site.
    if u want to copy something select and ctrl+v and to paste ctrl+c



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