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    Guitar Contest/Learning via exchange


    Based on a popular guitar learning site, i was thinking if its possible that we can have some sort of guitar tab contest/forum,where members will upload their version of a particular song(wma or mp3 format) and then others can try to see if the can improvise. i think it will help in sharing techniques and listening to different versions can be fun!!

    i think the admins need to permit uploading some larger sizes files for this.

    what do u all think?


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    Sanjay Mazumder's Avatar
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    the idea is nice.

    but the title of this thread is not relevant.
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    They said, "We are afraid."

    "Come to the edge," he said.

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    @vivekthakur: We are already working on this front and you would see this feature soon on IGT!
    Till then keep Rocking!!

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    this does sound good....



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