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Thread: custom title

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    kaiser is offline Bored
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    Nov 2003

    custom title

    my custom title was 'banned' and now its beginner all of a sudden.

    why is that?

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    notty_lad's Avatar
    notty_lad is offline sudo undress
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    Jul 2005
    Pune (apart from people's hearts :P)
    As far as I know .. It changes according to yo number of posts (automatically).. say initially its newbie .. then after 50 posts (not sure) it becomes beginner .. then after 100 its tabber .. somethin of dat sort ..

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    UjSen's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    shifted from paradise city to Axe Land:D
    how came u have only 72 posts in 3 years??????
    spend some points and get a ur own title
    >>>>>>>>NEVER GONNA STEAL POINTS,<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>REP ME PLEASE!!<<<<<<<<<<<<

    u think life's a *****......................................and
    then u meet me.

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    CrYpTiC_angel's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    alpha1's pants
    Quote Originally Posted by UjSen
    how came u have only 72 posts in 3 years??????
    Quote Originally Posted by vishalj's siggy
    You are not you're post count

    10 chars agree

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    vishalj's Avatar
    vishalj is offline Banned
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    Oct 2005
    I changed mine to Moderator and now its gone back. No clue why.

    Post count +1

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    lord_neo Guest
    Kaiser and vishalj your custom title privileges were revoked due to abuse.



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