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    Sep 2005
    my chair

    cant post thread

    cant post thread in Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips forum

    i get the page for new thread but when i type down the title and the content and click on submit new thread it goes back to the guitar lessons page and my new thread isnt there

    is the old "scanning-thread in lesson section-before getting that on the forum" back again??

    and can i expect replies to these soon ??
    abt chords ??
    prob! (less important) ?

    if you will again say brandwith is a prob then get the arcade offline....its a guitar site not gaming site ...(well if am not mistaken)

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    lord_neo Guest
    Threads made in Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips forum have to be manually approved by us. Only selected posts which are full of information and comprehensive make it to that forum. It is only for posting Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips and not for asking questions etc.



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