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    Mar 2007

    Post abuse report thread

    this thread is to report any abuse faced by
    any of the igtians ,or if u find any objectionable material on the site.

    reply to this thread only if ur serious,
    don't spam this thread.
    (i hope u ppl know the place for spammers?)

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    Hey mods check this thread !!!!!
    what the hell on earth is this doing in pakistani guitar tabs !!!!!!!!!!

    Can somebody close this damn thread !!!!!!!! and probably kick that fellow who is doing this ......

    Been like 2 yrs since i was active on IGT ... Then I neva saw this sorta nonsense...
    Check out my HOMEPAGE....
    [url] [/url]

    श्रीपरमात्मने नमः
    अथ श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता
    धृतराष्ट्र उवाच
    धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः ।
    मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत संजय ॥१-१॥

    میں اردو نہیں بولتا
    To live is to die ...



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