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    abhimanjrekar banned.. technical fault or truth..

    my friend abhi.... with id abhimanjrekar here... can not log in...
    when he tries to log in... the message comes as.. 'this ip is banned'

    but his stauts do not show..that he is banned....

    so i think its just a technical problem....
    i wud like to know... is it really a technical problem or he is really banned by administrator here....
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    Hey.. abhi is a nice guy ! He should not be thrown out.. juss like that.. !


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    lord_neo Guest
    Is chitchat lounge where you post website/technical related queries?

    As far as we know no such username is in the Ban list.

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    Technical Fault restored...
    He is able to login on..

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

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