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    Exclamation $ - QuiCK REPLY buTToN not functioning !

    There 's a quick reply button next to QUOTE button. I can't seem to use the QUICK REPLY TO THIS POST button. Everytime I am clicking this , the thing is unaffected. Please help. Other buttons are working fine as yet. QUOTE button is also working great.

    What has happened ?? Please help !


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    nik_bokacheley is offline :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:
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    Feb 2005
    !nD!@ >Wb>dUrg@Pur
    ^^ Hey this problem is rare. I mean just now when I clicked on the QUICK REPLY button, it worked. But 5 minutes ago and yestarday too I was having problems. There's something strange.. !!


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    BTW nik.. why do you need to click the QUICK REPLY button??
    U can as always just scroll down and reply in the QUICK Reply box..

    In anycase..the problem you are facing is, because, your browser must not be loading entire page properly... or you are trying to click Quick Reply button before the entire page with all posts have been loaded...

    New IGT has many functions which are based on Javascript & AJAX..
    Hence unless the page loads properly, you wont be able to use them properly..

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