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    Demonic Resurrection - Frozen Portrait

    Demonic Resurrection - Frozen Portrait
    A silent shiver sweeps the land
    An eerie feeling of cold
    Far away in the distance
    From beneath the snow
    I hear the pounding
    Of a heart beating slow
    Ice maiden let your heart go

    Lost in time long ago lost forever
    Now I go all alone in search of answers
    A shadowed land beneath the snow conquered not
    Land of ice land of frost forever been lost

    Her kingdom of cold is mine to find
    Her heart I'll melt, make forever mine
    This is my quest and no one can deny me this

    Oh ice maiden on thy throne

    I hear you call my name
    Calling me again and again
    I know there is nothing to fear
    But still I fear everything

    You found me now and vanquished my throne
    My kingdom will be lost and forever gone

    Thanks a lot to The Demonstealer....
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    welcome man

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    i leave in a "white" house
    ooh! so it goes like that huh! nice! sounds like some sort of epic!

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    The lyrics are pretty good I must say. So is this band somewhat symphonic like children of bodom or something similar to blind guardian. Anyways I'm just getting into this Indian metal scene and I'm lovin' it already. \m/



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