We are...
We are aware that we are:
We are breathing...
This is our present exhalation
(and) then comes inspiration
...wait for it...

For thee, mortals, a cataclysm
Wherein all (that) thou knowest shall die
For in this kingdom where everything dies
Where even the sky is mortal
What is not and has always been
For thee, must never be

Thine ancient gods in their pantheons
will cease to be
and the stars in thy firmament:
all will die
and be one in a nucleon
...Reductio ad Absurdum...

mortal Terra...
One final perfect day
From all to absense in one breath

It is all one single grain:
It is all one
And nevermore is a new beginning...

Seriously, the "reductio ad absurdum" cracked me up. nice theme though...