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    Anathema - Alternative 4

    It's killing you, you're killing me,
    I'm clinging on to my sanity,
    All I need is a short term remedy,
    Come and hide me from this terrible reality...

    Dreaded memories flood back to me,
    But there's still a wilful mind behind these cold,
    psychotic eyes,
    Now I tread this path so differently,
    I've opened my mind and darkened my entire life.

    I'll dance with the angels to celebrate the holocaust,
    And far beyond my far gone pride,
    Is knowing that we'll soon be gone,
    Knowing that I'll soon be gone...
    The words of a banished king
    "I swear revenge"
    Filled with anger aflamed our hearts
    Full of hate full of pride...
    Oh, we screamed for revenge
    - Blind Guardian (Nightfall)

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    This song is really good ... I was searching for Anathema when I came to your page ... I really love this band .... Lost control from the same album is anathor great song ..



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