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Thread: My first song

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    Talking My first song

    Hi ppl.
    This is my first post.
    plzz see and reply how my song is.
    Any modifications or changes r welcome

    aise zinda hoon mein abhi
    jaise khaab adhorey heyyyyy….
    teri yadoon mein ghum hoon mein abhi
    meri zindagi adhoori hai

    yaad teri jab bhi aye gi
    hud say mein guzar ja-oo ga
    koi muskelay na phir ho gi
    agar khaabon mein tum ao gayyyyyyyyy

    yaad jab bhi tum aajaogay
    ansoon ankhoon mein aa jaye-n-gayyyy
    ab to aise zinda hoon mein abhi sirf jeenay ke lee-ay
    hey hey hayayayayayayay oooooo
    owoooooooooooooooo…aaaaaaaaaaaaaa—aaa…aaaaaaaaaaaa aa

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    nice rip of bikhra hoon main....with some editing...

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    ^that plus the song "zinda hoon mein"



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