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    lyrics written by me

    these lyrics have been written for a song of mine
    called "saya"

    teray in jahanoo mein pighalnay laga ho
    toot kay in aasmanoo mein bikhar nay laga

    in fizaaon mein khosuubo jo thi bhasi
    na dhoop thi na chaao thi bus thi ek kami

    andhi aur toofanoo mein jo dhool uthi
    mit gaye jo baharay thi jahan yeh basi

    ek sayya hai jo har jaga hai bus raha
    yeh kis ke aawaaz jisi mein sun raha

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    alpha1's pants
    This should go in poetry n lyrics forum!

    I thought u'd know, considering that u've been a part of IGT for quite some time now

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    Umbreen is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006
    nice try!!!
    but there'z sumthing missing......
    Bach K Rehnaa...!!!

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    Nah abee koi hanth paoon bhi hai isss ka ?

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    In my Dreams.

    Nah.....these would do better in the poetry and lyrics forum.
    Nice try though, seriously.
    anshphenomenon: so let's get married..and let's ping!
    petunia: ..and have little PING PONGS!! lmfao..
    anshphenomenon: beti ping
    anshphenomenon: beta pong

    (`'.(`'. .') .')

    "I had not achieved success; but i had provoked an uproar; and the sensation that followed was so agreeable that I resolved to try again."..George Bernard Shaw. <3

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